PHOCUSED On the Needy at the Hawaii Legislature

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

Heading to one of the men's rooms on the chamber level of the state Capitol Thursday, I almost tripped over a walker with tennis balls parked right outside.

Inside, a man with his pants and underwear around his ankles was in front of a urinal. A second man stood nearby.

What on earth was going on here?

It was then that I noticed both were wearing green T-shirts with the acronym "PHOCUSED" arranged vertically on the back.

"Protecting Hawaii's Ohana, Children, Underserved, Ederly and Disabled," the shirts read.

Ah. Got it. The first man was disabled. That was his walker outside. His friend was helping him.

"We're going upstairs," the disabled man said to me, smiling. His voice was slurred, and I became uncomfortable.

"See you upstairs!" I replied and hurried out.

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