Politics Divides Hawaii Reapportionment Panel

Hawaii Office of Elections

UPDATED — 4/19/2011 1:04 p.m.

It's time to redraw political boundaries, and the state is arguing about whether to use red or blue ink.

The Hawaii Supreme Court will need to play referee after four Democrats and four Republicans assigned to the Reapportionment Commission by lawmakers were unable to agree on a ninth member to become chair before a deadline last week.

The eight members were appointed by majority and minority leadership in both the Hawaii House and Hawaii Senate and certified on March 15, according to the Office of Elections.

The board met on April 11 but was unable to come to an agreement. That was its last chance. If no pick is made within 30 days of certification, the job is turned over to the court.

Three of the five Supreme Court justices — Paula Nakayama, Simeon Acoba and Sabrina McKenna — were appointed by Democratic governors. The other two — Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald and James Duffy — were appointed by Republican Gov. Linda Lingle.

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