Winning Rail Bidder Rejects Losers' Claims

Michael Levine/Civil Beat

The city has identified Ansaldo Honolulu as the rail manufacturer it wants to award a $1.1 billion rail construction and operations contract, but the company is stuck waiting for a decision about protests from two competitors whose bids were not picked.

While he waits for the deal to be made official, it's clear Ansaldo Honolulu General Manager Enrico Fontana is fed up with the claims his rivals have made.

Both Sumitomo Corp. of America and Bombardier filed protests last month, and both lodged complaints about the city's procurement process. But the companies also pointed out a series of what they characterized as flaws with Ansaldo's proposal.

Asked how Ansaldo Honolulu was able to submit a relatively inexpensive — $100 million cheaper than its competitors — estimate for the design/build phase of the project, Fontana appeared frustrated.

"OK, yeah, I can try but I don't know because this is probably what Sumitomo said," he said.

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