Jurors: Prosecution Botched Aloun Farms Case

Sara Lin/Civil Beat

UPDATED: 8/8/11 3:15 p.m.

Jurors in the Aloun Farms human trafficking case were stunned by the mid-trial dismissal of all charges Thursday, but said it made sense given that the prosecution had put up a weak case.

On the sixth day of trial for Mike and Alec Sou, brothers who own and run Aloun Farms, the prosecution asked the judge to dismiss all charges "in the interest of justice."

"Let's put it this way. We hadn't heard all the evidence, but it's just that I felt at the outset, the government didn't do a good job presenting its case," said Mun Ching, 62, manager of a Honolulu luxury department store.

"I thought it was embarrassing how many mistakes (the prosecutors) made," he said. "The defense did an outstanding job."

Lawyers with the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. made the decision after reviewing documents provided by the defense on Friday.

"After thoroughly reviewing this information, the government determined that it cannot meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt," the Department said in a statement Thursday.

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