Carlisle: Homelessness Worse than Rat Infestation

Rj Brown

Honolulu's homeless problem is so troublesome that Mayor Peter Carlisle says it's worse than a rat infestation.

"You don't want to make analogies that sound inhumane, but when you have, having cleaned up one of the big homeless (camps) on the Waianae Coast, you would have been better off to have a rat infestation," Carlisle said during an editorial board meeting at Civil Beat headquarters last week.

"There were needles, there were condoms with drugs in them, there was glass everywhere. The cigarette butts are all over the place. It's not safe to walk on it. Every mattress that you find that you have to dig up, it's got lice. They've got dogs, they've got feces. You've got all these vile smells," Carlisle said. "It's just God-awful."

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