Protests In Works for Hawaii APEC Meeting

UPDATED 9/13/11 9 a.m.

Government and business leaders in Honolulu and Hawaii have been busy preparing to roll out the red carpet for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings this fall.

After all, the APEC summit, which will be held Nov. 7-13, will bring the leaders of 21 Asia-Pacific nations for a series of meetings and related events.

The host is President Barack Obama, and security will be on high alert. All told, the APEC summit could bring some 20,000 government and business leaders, their family and friends and 2,000 journalists.

APEC's international spotlight, however, is also attracting groups who oppose APEC and what they perceive to be its agenda to promote corporate and military interests at the expense of local economies, homeless people, labor, the environment and indigenous populations.

That is not the kind of public face APEC supporters want to present to the world — that is, a place between East and West for business as well as leisure.

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