James Woolsey on Kuokoa, Hawaii's Energy Options

Sophie Cocke/Civil Beat

Hawaii needs to take decisive action in moving away from its dependence on foreign oil and capturing local renewable energy sources to power its energy needs, according to James Woolsey, former CIA director under President Bill Clinton and board member of Kuokoa, the local start-up company that wants to take over Hawaiian Electric Co.

“This will not work, this moving Hawaii into a position of leadership and saving Hawaii from its terrible energy dependence — it will not work without decisive action,” said Woolsey. “One can’t halfway do it.”

Woolsey sat down with Civil Beat Tuesday to discuss his involvement with Kuokoa at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo at the Hawaii Convention Center where he was a keynote speaker. He was recently announced as a Kuokoa board member.

Woolsey said that he was approached about joining Kuokoa by Ted Peck, president of Kuokoa and former state energy administrator, and TJ Glauthier, also a Kuokoa board member and deputy secretary of energy during the Clinton administration.

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