Is Honolulu Police Protection Now For Sale?

Flickr: lolotahiti

There's been some vandalism in your neighborhood, or some loud parties with fighting, or maybe a couple of break-ins. The police haven't been able to solve the crimes. What do you do?

If a resolution approved Wednesday by the Honolulu City Council is any guide, maybe you should pool together with your neighbor and give the Honolulu Police Department some money to send some extra officers to your neck of the woods.

Resolution 11-247, like a handful of others approved at the Council's meeting Wednesday, relates to a gift to the city. But this gift isn't travel to a conference or money to maintain city golf course facilities or 500 tickets to a University of Hawaii football game.

It's a $75,000 check from a group of businesses to the Honolulu Police Department to address specific illegal activities in one particular neighborhood — Waikiki.

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