Abercrombie: 'Please Have Faith In Me'

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

How bad was the state's financial situation Gov. Neil Abercrombie inherited?

So dire, he revealed Monday, that he was advised that he had to "seriously consider shutting the state down for two weeks before June 30."

That advice of last resort came in late May from Tax Director Fred Pablo and Budget Director Kalbert Young, the governor told Civil Beat in an interview Monday.

"Not Furlough Fridays — shutting the state down," Abercrombie said. "Turn off the electricity, shut the doors, lay everybody off for two weeks before June 30."

Ultimately, the state found a way to make ends meet: "We made it — we kept going," the governor said.

Now, as he nears completion of his first year in office (or the first of four quarters in a football game, as he likes to say), Abercrombie has a big final play before the quarter ends. He says it will show he's established a "solid foundation to move forward."

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