After Years of Dissent, Rail Critics Get Day In Court

Michael Levine/Civil Beat

The lawsuit against the Honolulu rail project is on track for a February showdown that will determine if the city can proceed with construction.

The first courtroom hearing for the lawsuit, filed by four rail opponents in May, heralded a collision that will come before the city reaches the point of no return for steel-on-steel.

Opponents want to stop construction in its tracks, before the city starts building footings and columns for the elevated fixed guideway in Leeward Oahu. They want to force the city to consider alternative transportation options before it's too late.

"Anything that gives us the impression that the city is wedded to the project and there will have to be a preliminary injunction," former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano, one of the most vocal opponents and a plaintiff in the lawsuit, told Civil Beat after the hearing in Honolulu federal court Wednesday.

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