Hawaii Candidates Keep Fundraisers Under Wraps

Adrienne LaFrance/Civil Beat

WASHINGTON — Hawaii's congressional candidates want your money, but most of them won't tell you exactly when and where they're asking for it.

In a recent Civil Beat request to 11 Hawaii campaigns for U.S. House and U.S. Senate, just three candidates provided lists of fundraising events that they have held since filing their statements of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission.

At the heart of the issue is this question: Who is giving the most to help get Hawaii's candidates into office, and what does that tell us about whose interests Hawaii lawmakers truly represent once they get there?

A recent Civil Beat poll found that Hawaii voters believe our state's congressional delegation pays more attention to donors than to voters.

Five candidates — including two incumbent congresswomen — declined to share information about fundraising events, and three candidates say they have not yet held any such events.

The transparent minority: 2nd Congressional District candidates Mufi Hannemann and Esther Kiaaina, and U.S. Senate candidate Ed Case. All three are running as Democrats.

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