Caldwell's First Promise: Soap In Bus Stop Bathroom

Courtesy Kirk Caldwell for Mayor

UPDATED 1/17/12 3:15 p.m.

Less than a minute into the announcement of his candidacy for the city's top job Thursday, Kirk Caldwell held up a slip of paper listing two concerns brought to him by a city security guard.

"One is more soap for the bathrooms, and he wants signs for not spitting on the floor," Caldwell said. "And the point here is I'm carrying this list with me because it's about these kinds of hands-on details that makes life better for all of you. And that is the kind of mayor I'm going to be."

Sometimes raising his voice to be heard over the buses pulling in and out behind him at the Kalihi transit center, the city's former No. 2 executive distinguished himself from Mayor Peter Carlisle by saying he'll be a hands-on, detail-oriented problem-solver.

Some of Caldwell's gripes seemed small, but that was by design. Asked to identify one major issue on which he differs with Carlisle, the 59-year-old Caldwell demurred.

"I think it's going to be much about style and that's why I talked a lot about my inclusiveness, listening to all people, all voices," he said.

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