Money In The Bank Or 'Bells and Whistles' If Honolulu Rail Costs Less?

If Honolulu's rail project does indeed come in under budget as advocates hope, the transit authority might look to spruce up the system with some snazzy optional features not currently in the offing.

"Increasing the scope would mean that we add additional, pardon me, bells and whistles to everything from stations to train to technology, et cetera," Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation Finance Committee Chair Don Horner told Civil Beat after his committee wrapped up work Thursday morning. "All I was pointing out was that should be a discussion on the board level and it should be vetted in the public."

In the meeting, Horner said that in the event that the project has funding left over after construction, two options will be on the table.

HART could either decrease the size of the project and use leftover construction funds toward operations and maintenance, thereby reducing the subsidy that city taxpayers will have to kick in. Or HART can use the money to spruce up the system.

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