One Year Later — 2011 State of the City Scorecard

Civil Beat via

Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle is set to give his second State of the City address Thursday morning.

There will be plenty of time for analysis after the remarks. We'll post the full text of the speech when it's available, and we've also invited his opponents in the 2012 election — former Gov. Ben Cayetano and former Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell — to share their own versions of the "State of the City."

But for now we're taking a look back at what Carlisle said in his first such speech almost one year ago. Did he make good on his promises? How did his initiatives fare with the Honolulu City Council?

One of our key source documents is Civil Beat's coverage that day, which focused on the city's financial health. Carlisle said it was "not pretty." We also re-read the full text of his prepared remarks.

We're not parsing every sentence that came out of the mayor's mouth, but we thought it was important to focus on future-tense verbs and key promises. Here's our shot at how the most important statements hold up one year later, in the order they appeared in Carlisle's speech:

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