Mayor Peter Carlisle's Tale of Two Honolulus

Michael Levine/Civil Beat

In Honolulu, there's rail, and there's everything else.

Mayor Peter Carlisle's second State of the City address Thursday was a tale of two cities. In one, he's holding down costs, cutting debt and leaving a brighter financial future for our children. In the other, he's spending big money, taking advantage of market factors like low interest rates and favorable pricing on construction contracts to put people to work now.

(Read the full text of Carlisle's prepared speech.)

Carlisle made a point of not focusing on rail. He waited until more than halfway through his hour-long remarks to even bring up the issue.

"I have not changed. My values have not changed. And my enthusiasm to do rail transit the right way has not and will not change," he said, deviating a little from the script.

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