Oahu Redistricting Map Revised Again, Incumbents Still Have To Face Off

Reapportionment Commission

Updated: 3/6/12 7:15 p.m.

The state Reapportionment Commission on Tuesday again revised proposed political boundaries for Oahu House districts and scheduled a final vote for Thursday.

The latest map would still pit six pairs of House incumbents against one another for re-election, but two of those match-ups involve different lawmakers from before. It also would still force a face-off between two incumbent senators.

The proposal has not yet been uploaded to the reapportionment site, but can be viewed through mapping software in the meantime by logging in here.

Commissioner Dylan Nonaka, who sits on the four-member technical committee that draws the lines, said the latest map reduces the overall deviation among Oahu House seats to less than 9 percent.

"The goal was always to try and draw the best map possible and keep as many communities together and make districts that make the most sense going forward," he told the commission. "Our goal was not to make something look like it did before, it was to start off and have a clean slate ... and come up with the best map possible."

Nonaka said there weren't any drastic changes in Tuesday's plan, but noted that the technical committee was able to "put Makiki back together," while Central and West Oahu were mostly unchanged from the previous plan.

Some district lines in downtown/Kalihi and Windward Oahu were shifted slightly, he said. The districts for Oahu Senate and all other island units were unchanged.

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