Civil Beat Poll - Majority of Honolulu Voters Don't Buy Rail Congestion Argument

Flickr: Casey Serin

Honolulu's leading rail opponents argue that the public has been hoodwinked into believing that traffic congestion will be better than it is today if the project is built.

They say that if the public knew that the $5.2 billion Honolulu rail project would not improve traffic congestion from current levels, they might have second thoughts about whether the project would be worth the cost. The city itself acknowledges that traffic in the future will be worse than it is today, even with rail.

Well, voters are clearly having second thoughts, as Civil Beat's poll made clear Monday. Fifty-five percent of likely voters now oppose the project.

But do they believe what some rail proponents have said to sell the project?

To answer that question, Civil Beat asked likely voters on Oahu the following question: "Do you believe that if the rail line is built, there will be less traffic congestion in Honolulu than we have today?"

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