Civil Beat Poll - 44% of Honolulu Voters Perceive Bias in Rail Coverage

Michael Levine/Civil Beat

Rail has been among the biggest stories in Honolulu for years.

It's covered regularly by TV stations, newspapers, radio stations and, yes, Web news outlets like Civil Beat.

The Civil Beat Poll asked voters to grade the performance of the agency responsible for the rail project, but it also asked voters about the performance of local media.

Thirty-six percent of likely voters said rail coverage has been fair. But a larger group, 44 percent said it had been biased, with 12 percent saying it was biased against the project and 32 percent saying it was biased for the project. Twenty percent of voters were unsure.

The question we asked was, "What do you think about local media coverage of the rail project? Has it generally been fair or biased?"

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