Hawaii Money Bills at the Half-Way Mark

RJ Brown/Civil Beat

Money legislation has been all over the map this session, ranging from proposals for a state-run bank and a tax on sugary drinks to hiking the minimum wage and granting employers a payroll tax break.

With the economy on the mend and the Council on Revenues forecasting healthy tax collections for the year, there are no major tax or fee hikes in play right now other than a proposed increase in tobacco taxes on non-cigarette products to equal the tax on a pack of cigarettes.

That's a big change from last session, when lawmakers considered hiking the general excise tax before approving measures to generate about $600 million in new tax revenue.

All budget-related bills faced a crossover deadline this week, meaning they had to make their way to the other chamber in order to survive.

Here's a look at what's been signed into law, what's still alive, and what's as good as dead as of this week. The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn May 3.

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