Accountability Project: Hawaii Compared With Other States


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Not failing, but not passing with flying colors, either.

That's one way of looking at how Hawaii is doing when it comes to government transparency and anti-corruption efforts, according to a new 50-state assessment.

Hawaii earned an overall C in the data-driven study, which evaluated laws and practices across 14 categories ranging from executive accountability to access to public records. Hawaii earned C's and and D's in most categories.

But even with an overall C grade, Hawaii ranks 10th best among states along with Massachusetts, Illinois, Rhode Island.

Hawaii may have some good laws in place protecting against corruption. But the study found when it comes to enforcing those laws, Hawaii ranks near the bottom, with only 6 other states that are worse in their enforcement of accountability laws.

In other words, there's a big difference between what the law says in Hawaii and what is done on the ground.

Here's a complete report card showing what grade Hawaii earned in each category, and where we stack up compared to the rest of the nation.

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