Cayetano's Transit Plan Mirrors Harris' in 2000

Flickr: janineomg

"There's no sense criticizing if you don't come up with some kind of solution."

That's what Ben Cayetano said the day he announced he was running for Honolulu mayor, two months ago this week.

Cayetano tried to make clear that January morning that he isn't a one-issue candidate. But stopping the $5.2 billion rail project is a central tenet of his campaign.

Specifics on Cayetano's transit alternative have been slow to trickle out. But he doesn't dispute that a transit alternative is needed between Leeward Oahu and Downtown. Traffic will only grow worse in coming years.

So far, he's talked about small fixes like moving more jobs to Kapolei and starting school and work later so rush hour is spread out longer in the mornings. He's also repeatedly said he prefers Bus Rapid Transit to rail.

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