Are There Conflict of Interest Rules For Hawaii's Executives?

Hawaii gets good grades in the State Integrity Investigation for conflict of interest rules for the governor and Cabinet secretaries.

But in one category - nepotism, cronyism and patronage — Hawaii strikes out, getting a 0 percent score for its lack of regulations.

Hawaii earned a C+ overall for Executive Accountability, ranking it 8th among the 50 states.

Hawaii got a 79% overall mark for Executive Accountability. Leading the pack was New Jersey, at 88 percent. Also ahead of Hawaii were Tennessee, California, New Hampshire, Washington, West Virginia and Iowa. Connecticut tied Hawaii for 8th place.

Civil Beat examined 330 “Corruption Risk Indicators” across 14 categories of government. Today we report the third of our detailed findings on Executive Accountability. Click here to learn more about the methodology used for the project.)

Bottom line: The state's laws are solid when it comes to conflicts of interest in the executive branch. But there's a big, gaping hole — one that often crops up in news reports.

What follows is an examination of the third of five questions that were the basis for the C+ grade. It's now your turn to evaluate whether Civil Beat got it right and to share what you think. Share your comments at the bottom of this story.

The question:

Are there regulations governing conflicts of interest by the executive branch (defined here as governors and/or cabinet-level officials)?

Overall score: 88%

Here are the criteria Civil Beat used to answer that question.

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