Census: Honolulu and San Diego Swap Residents

Flickr: Ack Ook

More new Honolulu residents moved from San Diego than from any other county in the United States, and more former Honolulu residents moved to San Diego than anywhere else.

That's one quick takeaway from Civil Beat's analysis of new data put out today by the U.S. Census Bureau. Released in two massive spreadsheets — one sorted by "inflows" and the other by "outflows" — the data shows county-to-county migration trends in recent years between every county in the country. It's the first time the government has shared this type of geographical mobility information since the 2000 Census.

In all, 17.7 million people lived in a different county than the prior year, according to a press release from the Census Bureau earlier today. The largest number of county-to-county moves in the country were from Los Angeles to San Bernadino, Calif. That estimate of 48,456 was much larger than the number moving from Honolulu to San Diego (2,167) or vice versa (1,953), Civil Beat's data analysis found.

Residents from Maricopa County, Arizona, were dispersed widest throughout the country, finding their way to 1,156 other counties, while people from 993 different counties found their way to Maricopa. By means of comparison, erstwhile Honolulu residents moved to 563 counties, and 526 different counties had residents move to Honolulu.

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