Dalai Lama in Honolulu: One Voice, Many Messages

Brian Tseng/Civil Beat

People who attended the Dalai Lama's only public speech during his trip to Honolulu were left not with a single overriding message but their own personal takeaways.

His talk Sunday was titled "Peace Through the Power of Aloha," and some who emerged from the University of Hawaii Stan Sheriff Center Sunday afternoon talked about peace in various ways.

"The takeaway for me is really just personal," said Honolulu educator Alisa Maneri, 53. "For myself it's just confirming that everybody can and has the ability to find inner peace. And that's really why I was here. I know there are bigger issues. But for me, I came for personal reasons."

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Maneri said she was still coming down from the "natural high" of the speech. Others talked about how inspired they felt.

Civil Beat interviewed some attendees. This is what we heard:

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