One Techie's Push to Open Up Hawaii Campaign Finance Data

Hawaii lawmakers are debating the merits of requiring state officials to put campaign finance reports in a searchable database that the public could easily access.

The raw data exists. But the information isn't presented in a useable format for the public's benefit on the state Campaign Spending Commission's website.

Legislators are worried about the cost of making it better and campaign finance officials are concerned about just how hard it would be.

While politicians have been talking, local techie Jared Kuroiwa has built an interactive searchable database — in his spare time, for free.

"All the data and everything they get from campaigns and noncandidate committees, they already have it online and present it," Kuroiwa said. "The problem is that it's not in a way that's useable. I wanted a presentation that's a little cleaner, showing how money's being spent and where the money is going."

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