Are Financial Disclosures By Hawaii's Insurance Commissioner Public?

Full transparency is difficult to achieve at the Hawaii insurance commissioner's office. That's because the financial disclosures of the commissioner and his senior staff are confidential by law, according to the State Integrity Investigation.

Hawaii received an overall F, or 57 percent, grade in the State Insurance Commissions category. That put us in 37th place, tied with North Dakota. Mississippi came in first. At the bottom was Wyoming.

The state earned zeros for all six questions in this category covering financial disclosures.

Overall, the State Integrity Investigation ranked Hawaii 10th after Civil Beat reporters researched 330 “Corruption Risk Indicators” across 14 categories of government. (Click here to learn more about the methodology used for the project.)

Bottom line: Financial disclosures are a key tool for monitoring conflict of interest. But the disclosures of the commissioner — and his senior staff — are confidential, by law.

Here's the basis for the 0-percent grade that contributed to the overall 57 percent score in the State Insurance Commissions category. It's your turn to evaluate whether Civil Beat got it right and to share what you think should be done to improve the situation. Share your comments at the bottom of this story.

Here's the first question the State Integrity Investigation asked regarding state insurance commissions.

Can citizens access the asset disclosure records of the state insurance commission?

Overall score: 0%

Here are the criteria Civil Beat used to answer that question and what Civil Beat found.

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