Seven Years Later, Bottle-Bill Audits Still Bottled Up

Pipsta via Flickr

The Hawaii Auditor's Office is not releasing several audits of the state's so-called bottle-bill program, reports that are key to tracking where millions of dollars in state money is going.

The first audit, done in 2005, of the state's deposit beverage container program is the only one that has been made public even though the audits have been done every other year since then.

But even the agency that oversees the program has not seen these legally required audits or received a reason as to why the office is withholding them.

"We're being scrutinized but for one reason or another it's just not being released," said Darren Park, coordinator of the state Office of Solid Waste Management which runs the program.

Critics fighting a long-proposed increase in the container fee have said that the Auditor's Office has failed to perform the regularly required audits.

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