West Honolulu Sewer Ban Not What It Seemed To Be

Flickr: billsoPHOTO

When is a moratorium not a moratorium? Apparently, when it’s not a moratorium.

Conflicting information has come out of the Honolulu Department of Environmental Services regarding how much the city is limiting the number of new sewer connections that can be added to the the city’s system from Halawa to Pearl City.

On April 20, the department’s director, Tim Steinberger, sent a memo to the Honolulu City Council saying any applications for new sewer hook-ups in that area would be denied because the system was at capacity.

This "moratorium" would be in place until the city was able to refurbish two Pearl City force mains and construct a third at the Waipahu Wastewater Pump Station. The total cost for this work is estimated at $60 million, and work isn’t expected to be completed until 2018.

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