Honolulu Mayor Hopefuls Differ on Big Issues

Civil Beat composite

What's most important to you, and where do the candidates stand on those issues?

Those are two basic questions Civil Beat is going to try to delve into during our coverage of the crucial elections scheduled for later this year.

To that end, today we unveil our candidate questionnaire for Honolulu mayor and the responses from the three leading candidates — Kirk Caldwell, Peter Carlisle and Ben Cayetano. We'll have similar packages for other races in coming weeks.

The mayoral survey asked the candidates to explain their positions on 10 of the biggest challenges facing the city: traffic, rubbish, homelessness and more. We deliberately left rail off the list — Cayetano's strong opposition, Carlisle's strong support and Caldwell's evolving "build rail better" platform are all well-known to voters.

Here we highlight the areas where the three mayoral hopefuls had the greatest differences. You can find links to the candidates' full responses at the bottom of this article.

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