Incumbency No Help for Honolulu's Current Mayor

Dan Zelikman/Civil Beat

Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle seems to be everywhere these days.

In the past month, he’s donned a hanbok at the Korean Festival in Kapiolani Park, demonstrated how to repair a crack in a roadway near the Salt Lake District recreation center and introduced new parking meters in Chinatown that accept credit cards as well as coins.

He’s even attended the blessing ceremony for a new ambulance unit in Ewa. In fact, city records show he's doing more local public appearances than at the the same time last year.

A Civil Beat review of city records shows that Carlilse had 42 appearances listed on his weekly public schedules in March 2012. He surpassed that mark with 51 appearances in May 2012.

This is the same Peter Carlisle who spent a good amount of time traveling for official business when first elected, and who is now being criticized by at least one candidate running against him for being a hands-off mayor.

Carlisle says he's not traveling as much. He has a campaign to think about.

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