Hawaii Candidates Banking on 'Like'-Ability

webtreats via Flickr

Mufi Hannemann: Foodie Fridays.

Linda Lingle: Beaches and sunrises.

Tulsi Gabbard: Thank You notes.

Mazie Hirono: Sign-waving.

Ed Case: Pau Hanas.

No, they aren't arbitrary buzzwords. They aren't favorite pastimes, either. They're the subjects of regular status updates and tweets, examples of each candidate's distinct approach to social networking.

Social media are the meat and potatoes of today’s political campaigns. And it's no different here in Hawaii.

“Social media has transformed the way that candidates approach the public,” said Tyler Dos Santos-Tam, Hannemann’s Deputy Campaign Manager. “Rather than just broadcasting a single message, such as a television ad, social media is more of a two-way street. Candidates can share what’s on their mind at the moment, and their friends, followers and fans can do the same.”

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