Coincidence? Two Commercials Feature Dice, Cash And Corruption

Screenshot of Pacific Resource Partnership commercial

UPDATED 8/3/2012 8 a.m. Editor's Note: Tulsi Gabbard's campaign briefly blocked access to her commercial on YouTube, but it is now available again.

It's hard to imagine two commercials in two different major Hawaii campaigns looking and sounding more similar than these two.

The Pacific Resource Partnership, which has spent more than $1 million to promote rail and attack mayoral candidate Ben Cayetano this year, released a new spot Thursday that is eerily reminiscent of an ad produced for 2nd Congressional District hopeful Tulsi Gabbard last month.

Both commercials are titled "Pay-to-Play." Both commercials feature a faceless man in a dark suit counting off hundred-dollar bills. Both commercials start with the same exact shot of five red casino dice rolling from left to right — though one is over an image of the U.S. Capitol and one is over an image of Honolulu Hale.

If they're not created by the same minds, then the new one is some sort of homage to the old one. PRP's commercial even seems to make a verbal reference to Gabbard's spot.

So how did the exact same imagery find its way into two different ads? No one will say.

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