PRP: Super PAC? Bully? Or Just Playing the Game?

Screenshot of Pacific Resource Partnership commercial

The Pacific Resource Partnership dishes out the hits. But the question is can it take a punch?

Over the past six months, PRP has spent $1.3 million to advertise on local TV stations, which is more than any other campaign in the primary election.

Much of this money has gone toward skewering former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano, who’s vowed to stop Honolulu’s controversial $5.26 billion rail project if he’s elected mayor.

Several of PRP's most pointed accusations have been discredited by local pundits and political insiders, however. Some have even called PRP's ads mean-spirited.

For the most part, PRP ignored calls to stop the negative campaign. That was until Cayetano was hospitalized this week, and PRP Executive Director John White issued a statement saying the commercials would be suspended. As of Monday evening, some were still airing.

But prior to Cayetano falling ill, PRP pushed through the criticism and continued to run the spots, ensuring the group would remain a central player in the heated mayoral race.

The extra scrutiny that has come with being a powerhouse, though, has made PRP uncomfortable. Now White is the one saying others aren't playing fair.

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