Off the Beat: It Came From the Mainland!

Flickr: Marxchivist

When the campaign of Mufi Hannemann responded to Civil Beat's poll Monday showing him way behind Tulsi Gabbard in the race for the U.S. House of Representatives, it was titled "Mainland 'Robo-Polls' And Mainland Money."

The campaign said the poll results were "drastically different" than results from "well-respected local pollsters Qmark and Ward Research. ... All of the latest polls conducted by local firms, which are familiar with Hawaii's unique and diverse electorate, show Mufi Hannemann with a healthy lead."

The press release added that "one of our opponents' mainland special interest groups contributed another $51,000, bringing the total to over half a million in outside special interest money that they are using against us."

The Hannemann campaign was referring to Gabbard, who has indeed benefitted from the spending of mainland-based groups.

Putting aside the fact that Hannemann has also received campaign donations from outside groups and individuals, why is it such an insult to level the charge that one's opponent has mainland ties?

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