2012 Hawaii Primary Election Results

To easily find the race or candidate you're interested in, use the "find" function on your computer. Simply type CTRL-F (Windows) or COMMAND-F (Macs), type in the contest or candidate name, and hit ENTER.

Note: The percentages next to each candidate are of all ballots cast in that race, including blanks and overs. Some nonpartisan races — Honolulu mayor, Honolulu City Council and Hawaii County Mayor — require the top vote-getter to eclipse 50 percent of the vote to avoid a November runoff. The numbers on this page should not be relied upon to see if the 50 percent threshold has been reached because blanks and overs are not counted for the purposes of determining that 50 percent level, per Hawaii law.

See Civil Beat's coverage of those races for details on those contests.

Party Legend:

D = Democrat
R = Republican
L = Libertarian
G = Green
N = Nonpartisan

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