Hawaii Energy Confab: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooters Are Here

Sophie Cocke/ Civil Beat

They’re quiet, have zero emissions and have three times the range of an electric-battery powered scooter.

Hydrogen fuel-cell scooters are expected to be on Honolulu roads early next year, thanks to a partnership between H2 Technologies, a Big Island company, and Taiwan-based, Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies.

The scooters were one of the emerging technologies to be showcased at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo this week, where hundreds of leaders in the business and government sectors have convened for a three-day conference at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu.

While small, gasoline-powered scooters might seem to be the least of the state’s worries when it comes to trying to reduce its dependence on imported fuel and lower carbon dioxide emissions, they’re actually one of the most noxious vehicles on the road, according to Guy Toyama, CEO of H2 Technologies.

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