Honolulu Vetoes Don't Stand Test of Time

Mike Levine

When Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle vetoed a bill last month that would ban business activity in Kailua and Kalama Beach parks he was almost resigned to the fact that it was a pointless gesture.

The City Council had already voted 7-2 to pass Bill 11, which means the contentious new law that caused quite a stir in windward Oahu already had the two-thirds majority needed to override a Carlisle veto.

“Given the margin, I am aware that my veto may be overridden; in fact I anticipate the council to do so,” Carlisle wrote in his veto message to the council.

But the mayor might not need to be so gloomy. Of the seven council members who supported the bill, three did so with reservations. While that’s still a “yes,” it’s also an indicator to Carlisle that they could be swayed by a compelling argument.

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