Ongoing Series { Tracking the money flowing to candidates and campaigns for local, state and federal elections in a variety of ways.

Cashing In: Hawaii's Top Ten Campaign Donors

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Editor's Note: This is part of an occasional series of reports on campaign finance.

Ten Hawaii business people have accounted for more than $250,000 in campaign contributions to state and local candidates since the beginning of the year.

Super lobbyist John Radcliffe tops the list, giving roughly $46,000 to candidates, according to a Civil Beat review of campaign spending records. He's been a major player since at least 2006, donating at least $193,000 since then.

Radcliffe is arguably the top lobbyist in Hawaii representing dozens of business and organizations, including AT&T, Monsanto, Corrections Corporation of America and the Hawaii School Bus Association.

He said it's important to essentially put your money where your mouth is and participate in elections.

"Precious few do," he said. "Many of them talk about it, a lot of them read about it but not a lot of them participate in it."

Not surprisingly, the other names on the list are huge figures in the local business community, including CEOs and private developers.

Big contributors say they donate because they think it's important to participate in the political process different ways.

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