Tulsi Gabbard's Opponent? He's the Smoking Guy

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard and Republican Kawika Crowley are running against each other in the contest for the 2nd Congressional District.

Gabbard, the former Honolulu City Council member, state legislator and war veteran, you've heard of her.

Crowley, a handyman with a diverse background, is much less well known, except for those who have paid attention to recent battles over curbing smoking rights in bars, restaurants and other places.

In Monday's Q&A with Crowley, the candidate talked with Civil Beat about his campaign platform, which focuses on the need to apply common sense to fix a dysfunctional Washington, D.C.

In this second and final installment, Crowley explains how he will defeat Gabbard by playing up his anti-rail, pro-traditional marriage positions.

He also shares the information that as many as 150 bars across the state allow smoking in their establishments in spite of anti-smoking laws. The interview was conducted at O'Toole's Irish Pub in Honolulu, where Crowley puffed away on a cigar.

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