Surf and Turf: An Analogy Between Hawaii Superferry and Honolulu Rail

Honolulu Rail Transit Division; Flickr, Bill Sodeman

There are certainly very big differences between Honolulu rail and the Hawaii Superferry.

For one, the Superferry actually was built and operated for a brief spell. Given the legal challenges, including the one that led this week to a temporary halt in construction, it's not clear that will ever be the case with rail.

For another, even if the 20-mile rail line is built and an actual train connects East Kapolei to Ala Moana, it's unlikely that the rail system will cause people to vomit, as was the case when the Superferry crossed the Kaiwi Channel or rounded West Maui on its way to Kahului Harbor.

But, there sure are a number of analogies between the two controversial projects, some that give pause and perhaps a little instruction. Civil Beat compares and contrasts.

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