No Cost Estimates for Delays in Honolulu Rail Construction

Photo of Ansaldo Honolulu proposal

If Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation officials know how much a six-month delay in construction on the $5.26 billion rail project costs they’re not saying.

On Thursday, the HART Board of Directors reaffirmed Executive Director Dan Grabauskas’ decision to halt construction work on the project in light of a recent ruling by the Hawaii Supreme Court.

Grabauskas initially called for a work stoppage after the high court’s decision with the caveat that the HART board could overturn him. Of course, such a decision would have likely resulted in additional court fees since the plaintiff in the case vowed to seek an injunction to stop construction.

HART Chair Carrie Okinaga said the board will “fully comply” with the Supreme Court ruling, which means archaeological inventory surveys will have to be completed along the entire 20-mile-long railway line before construction resumes.

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