Donation Fuels Grassroots Efforts to Bring Better Healthcare to Wahiawa

Courtesy of Wahiawa Center for Community Health

Roslynn Pascua lives in Wahiawa but when she got sick in January, she asked her husband to drive her to the Waianae community health center for care.

“I went to Waianae because I was told they would provide services for me,” said Pascua, who does not have health insurance. Her situation makes it difficult for her to receive affordable care in her hometown of Wahiawa, she said.

The 50-mile trip took Pascua an hour each way and required her to schedule her appointment on her day off from working as a passenger service agent.

But despite the inconvenience, Pascua considers herself one of the lucky ones. That's because she has a car and can drive somewhere else for medical help if she has to.

Pascua is one of thousands of uninsured people living in Wahiawa, many of whom travel for hours on The Bus to health centers in town or in Waianae to access the services they need.

But members of the grassroots organization Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE) are trying to change that. They have been working for the past year to lay the groundwork for a new community health center, with funding from the Health Resources & Services Administration through the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

On Aug. 30, United Healthcare Community Plan of Hawaii donated $10,000 to the group to help the project push forward.

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