Abercrombie Loses Another Top Aide

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

He's lost another one.

The departure of Jim Boersema, Gov. Neil Abercrombie's communications director, at the end of this month adds to the growing number of top aides and other officials who have left the administration.

Boersema is also the governor's second communications director in the 21 months he has been in office.

He replaced Josh Levinson, who just a year ago abruptly resigned along with his deputy, Laurie Au, chief of staff Amy Asselbaye and deputy chief of staff Andrew Aoki.

At that time, Senior Democrats had complained to the governor that team was inexperienced and making it difficult for him to govern effectively.

Boersema explained his reasons for leaving.

"I've got other things I want to do," Boersema told Civil Beat Thursday. "I love Neil, I think he's trying his best. I came in to help turn things around, and I think he has. It's my one year."

Boersema said he would continue in his roles as chair of Unity House and Olelo Community Media.

"I also said in my letter to the governor that he could call me any time," he added.

Donalyn Dela Cruz, the governor's deputy director of communications and press secretary, said in a statement, "The Governor asked Mr. Boersema to assist the Administration during a period of transition last year. At the time, the discussed timeframe was one year, during which time Mr. Boersema placed several of his own business and personal pursuits on hold. Now that a year has passed, he is returning his attention back to those pursuits as well as assisting with the Governor's campaign activities."

Asked if she might be taking Boersema's job, Dela Cruz said, "I'm not replacing anyone but I am continuing the work that needs to be done."

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