New Aid-In-Dying Service Getting Inquiries

Compassion & Choices Hawaii, a nonprofit organization working to improve care and expand choice at the end of life, received 31 local inquiries in its first year of service.

The figure comes from an annual report released by the Physician Advisory Council for Aid in Dying, or PACAID, a group of local doctors that collaborates with Compassion & Choices Hawaii and can prescribe life-ending medication if necessary.

PACAID has a rigorous eligibility process that applicants must go through, and of those 31 inquiries only seven qualified to consult with a PACAID doctor.

Of the seven, four received a prescription for medication "which they could ingest to end their life and suffering in peace and dignity, at the time of their choosing," according to a Compassion & Choices press release.

As of Thursday, two of the four patients died from natural causes and none had taken the medication.

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