Lingle and Hirono, On The Attack

Lingle U.S. Senate Campaign

UPDATED 11:20 a.m.

Here's what Mazie Hirono has to say about Linda Lingle, her U.S. Senate opponent:

She's not really bipartisan. She doesn't tell the truth. She's had an extreme makeover. She's pals with Sarah Palin. She and Mitt Romney share the same platform — in fact, she's co-chair of his presidential campaign. She thinks George W. Bush was our greatest president. Furlough Fridays were all her fault.

Here's what Lingle thinks of Hirono:

She's not a leader. She doesn't tell the truth. She has no record and no ideas. She's pals with Barney Frank. She skips a lot of votes in the U.S. Congress — except for the ones where she voted for military cuts and against free trade with South Korea. She doesn't understand things like the Compact of Free Association.

The race between Democrat Hirono, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Republican Lingle, the former Hawaii governor, has been dominated by strong attacks on each other's campaign.

The attacks have come in television commercials, campaign press releases and websites, social media and in debates.

While voters may be able to figure out the differences between the candidates on important issues like entitlement programs, deficit reduction, energy, jobs, health care, national security and Native Hawaiians, the flood of attacks threatens to drown out more serious discussion.

Has the U.S. Senate race become too negative?

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