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Study: Hawaii Sees Twice As Many Political TV Ads As News Stories

Courtesy of PRP

There's that saying, You Are What You Eat.

Let's hope the theory doesn't apply to what we watch on TV.

A new study by local citizens groups shows that Hawaii residents see more ads than information when watching local TV news programs, raising questions about whether local news stations are doing enough to educate voters before they head to the polls.

Common Cause Hawaii and Media Council Hawaii analyzed 72 local television evening newscasts on five local news stations in the five weekdays before the Aug. 11 primary election and found more than twice as many political commercials as political news stories. Transcripts and video clips of all local evening newscasts on KHON, KITV, KFVE, KGMB and KHNL from Monday, Aug. 6, through Friday, Aug. 10 revealed 519 political commercials compared to only 206 political news stories. This translates to 269 minutes of commercials, compared to 232 minutes of political news.

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