Cayetano Puts TV Stations on Notice Over Attack Ads

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Ben Cayetano wants Honolulu’s local TV stations to stop airing certain ads by the Pacific Resource Partnership, otherwise he might include them as defendants in a defamation lawsuit he lodged last week.

On Monday, Cayetano’s attorney, Jim Bickerton, sent letters to the general managers of Hawaii News Now, KHON and KITV saying they could be culpable for damaging his client’s reputation by knowingly running PRP attack ads that include misleading and possibly inaccurate information.

In the letter, Bickerton said there needs to be “immediate action” to prevent further harm to Cayetano’s character. Bickerton wants the managers to “cease and desist” from airing any of PRP’s ads until each station has verified the allegations made in the commercials.

Specifically, Bickerton said the allegations that must be confirmed are that Cayetano “broke campaign spending laws, engaged in quid pro quo bribery and kept six figure sums of illegal contributions for his own personal use.”

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