Hawaii Legislator Salaries Going Up 25 Percent

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

Facing a tight fiscal situation, Hawaii legislators took a 5 percent pay cut beginning in 2009.

After some deliberation — and grumbling — the cuts were extended during the 2011 session.

But, barring another extension in the 2013 session, those cuts expire next July 1. And, come Jan. 1, 2014, lawmakers will receive a scheduled pay increase.

That means 24 Hawaii senators and 50 representatives will each see their annual pay grow $11,580 to $57,852. The Senate president and House speaker will enjoy an increase of $11,955 to $65,352.

Put another way, just over a year from now Hawaii will pay its 76 legislators about $880,000 more than it does now. That's a 25 percent hike.

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