Court Ruling Keeps City Rail Project On Track, Honolulu Mayor Says

Nathan Eagle/Honolulu Civil Beat

With just days left in office, Mayor Peter Carlisle joked that he would rather talk about his portrait now hanging in Honolulu Hale alongside the other paintings of former mayors.

Instead, he called a brief press conference Thursday afternoon to discuss a favorable federal court decision on the city’s 20-mile rail project from Kapolei to Ala Moana. The ruling effectively secures the federal funding Honolulu has received to build the $5.26 billion project, but there’s still months of work to be done before construction can resume.

“This is time for the other side to realize they’ve lost in the polls, they’ve lost in public opinion, they’ve lost in the courtrooms and all they’re doing right now is wasting everybody’s time and money,” Carlisle said. “It’s time to live with the circumstances as they are and get out of the way of progress as quickly as possible.”

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