It’s a Hard Knock Life — Competition, Concussions & Hawaii Youth Athletes

Flickr: K.M. Klemencic (Jamie Higa not pictured.)

UPDATED 2/22/13 11 a.m.

Editor's Note: This is the second of a two-part series looking at head concussions among Hawaii student athletes. Read part 1 looking into what schools are doing to prevent the injury.

When 21-year-old Jamie Higa got her fourth and most recent concussion in late 2011, her coach told her to man up.

Higa, then a guard on Chaminade University’s women’s basketball team, was dribbling across the court in a practice set when a spiteful teammate came from behind and “clobbered” her on purpose. Civil Beat confirmed the incident with other teammates.

The jolt caught Higa off-guard. She fell to the court, the front of her head hitting the floor and then snapping backwards — just like whiplash.

She hasn’t felt normal since.

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